Roll of Honor

The greatest recognition given by the Southern Sociological Society is an appointment to the Roll of Honor. This award recognizes a career of distinguished intellectual contribution to Sociology. Awardees must be members of the Southern Sociological Society (or whose significant contributions to Sociology were made while a member of SSS) and have made stellar contributions to the discipline across their career.

Nomination Procedure
(a) Nominations for the Roll of Honor may be submitted by any member of the Society to the chairperson of the Honors Committee.
(b) At least five letters of nomination, the majority being from current members, shall be received and reviewed by the Honors Committee. These letters should address the purpose and qualifications stated above and should be accompanied by supporting documentation. The letters of nomination will be presented to the honoree when the award is made.
(c) Nominations may be made at any time during the year. To be considered for an award to be made at the next meeting of the Society, they must be complete by December 1.

Nominations must be submitted by December 1 to the Chair of SSS Committee on Honors.

Email nominations, including electronic versions of supplementary materials, are preferred.

Roll of Honor Members