About SSS

The business of the Southern Sociological Society revolves around the functioning of elected appointed officers serving on a set of standing and ad-hoc committees. Such committees are central to the functioning of the Society. It is important to note that the all of the labor that animates these committees is voluntary.

SSS Executive Committee
The governing body of the Society is the Executive Committee. The authority to interpret the Constitution and Bylaws rests in this Committee. The Executive Committee consists of (a) the officers of the Society, (b) the Past Presidents of the Society for three years after the expiration of their terms of office, and (c) six members elected for three-year terms, two of which expire each year.

SSS Publications Committee
The Publications Committee advises and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee on all matters relating to publication policies of the Society. The Publications Committee consists of six members elected by the voting membership of the Society for a term of three years with one member's term expiring each year.

SSS Standing Committees
The standing committees that have appointed members are as follows:

Ad-Hoc Committees
Recognizing the persistence of special interests, and endeavoring to serve as broad a spectrum of its membership as possible, the Society acknowledges the value of ad-hoc committees designed to address special needs. These committees shall exist for as long as they are judged by the Executive Committee to be active and serving the interests of the membership. Examples of such committees, past and present, include:

If you are interested in becoming involved in an SSS committee, please contact the Executive Officer.

2018-2019 Officers

Dr. Beth Rushing
Appalachian College Association

Vice President:
Dr. Denise Bissler
Randolph Macon College

Executive Officer:
Dr. David Brunsma
Virginia Tech

Past Presidents (full list)

Dr. Toni Calasanti
Virginia Tech

Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
Duke University

Dr. Christopher Ellison
University of Texas-San Antonio

Dr. Barbara Risman
University of Chicago-Illinois

Dr. David Maume
University of Cincinnati

Dr. Leslie Hossfeld
University of North Carolina-Wilmington