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*Sustaining members will be acknowledged at the annual conference with a designation on their conference badge and will have their name appear in the program.

**Departments will be listed in the annual meeting program, will receive Social Currents for their front office, and all undergraduate students from that department who present at the conference will have their annual dues waived (undergraduate conference registration fees still required).

Membership in the Society

Membership in the Society runs for a calendar year (January 1st - December 31st).

The 2019 SSS Election changed the membership year. All individuals who paid 2018-2019 dues will receive six months of membership (through December 31st, 2019). The new membership year begins on January 1st, 2020.

The Society offers the following membership types:

Click HERE to join SSS or renew your membership dues.

If you have questions regarding the status of your dues and/or your conference registration fees, contact the webmaster.

Membership Types

Dues and Fees Lifetime Membership: Covers membership dues and registration fees for all future membership years and annual meetings. An SSS member with a Dues and Fees Lifetime Membership never has to remember to renew their annual membership dues or their annual meeting registration fees– period!
Cost: $4,000

Dues-Only Lifetime Membership: Covers membership dues for all future membership years. Members with this type are required to pay annual meeting registration fees.
Cost: $2,500

Sustaining*: A regular membership for those who can afford to support the Society at a higher rate.
Annual Dues: $150
Meeting Fees: $75

Regular: Persons holding a graduate degree in sociology or a related field.
Annual Dues: $75
Meeting Fees: $75

Unemployed or Contingent: Membership for persons who are currently unemployed or employed in a non-tenure track position.
Annual Dues: $30
Meeting Fees: $35

Student: Persons currently enrolled in a higher degree program who have not yet received the PhD. Also includes undergraduates.
Annual Dues: $30
Meeting Fees: $35

Emeriti: Persons who have retired from regular employment, and have been regular members of the society for ten or more years. Please contact Executive Officer for first time approval.
Annual Dues: $0
Meeting Fees: $25

Non-Member: Persons not joining SSS but wishing to attend the annual meetings.
Annual Dues: $0
Meeting Fees: $125

Departmental**: Membership for a Department of Sociology that supports the objectives of the Society.
PhD-granting: $150
MA-granting: $100
BA/AA-granting: $50